A good stuffing

Never has the choice of where to meet for a date been so crucial: take a vegetarian to a former butchers-hall-turned-eaterie and get served up as the main course. Take a recovering alcoholic to a wine-tasting and watch the tears flow before bed-time. And as for one British woman, fast-food diners are definitely off the menu.<\p>

For Gabi Jones, 25, the act of consuming junk food (by the ton) results in a sexual, tingly, orgasmic feeling as she suffers from 'persistent genital arousal syndrome', which can see sufferers facing the not so undesirable effect of having 300 orgasms a day, the Metro Online reveals.<\p>

''My friends thought I was making it up,’ said Miss Jones, of Colorado, ‘I was stunned but in no doubt of what had happened.’ She has put on 95kg (15st) in the past five years as she gorged and climaxed. She decided to profit from her affliction by setting up a fetish website where punters pay to watch her scoff herself to orgasm.'

Just don't stumble across the site in your attempts to order in takeaway for the evening-you won't be the one that ends up eating it!

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