Juan Pablo di Pace – an actor’s small part

The 28-year-old actor Juan Pablo di Pace decided that to give his career a much-needed boost, he’d appear nude in a poster for Verdi’s opera Rigoletto. So ready and waiting to see his buffed up body on the photograph, with great make-up and lighting, he should have been looking his very best. But as Juan glanced r down over his body, he noticed that “little Juan” was looking, well, a whole lot littler than normal.

APPARENTLY the digital artists had doctored his penis to make it look smaller – so to cause decidedly less fuss about a full-frontal male nudity. A likely story!

The opera company, however, have agreed not to use the poster since the actor complained that it had been “distorted in a demeaning way”. So, you know – someone must’ve agreed with him.

Although, we did wonder what everyone in the poster was laughing at…

(Image: from That Other Paper’s flickr stream)

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