Jordan’s lost it!

Katie Price called in a private detective to track down a mobile phone amid fears it may contain saucy text messages between her and her horse trainer Andrew Gould.

When he confessed to losing the handset, Katie – also known as Jordan - said: ‘I don’t care what it takes, we need that phone back,’ and called in a security expert to find it.

Sources close to the celebrity claim the phone contains dozens of sexy text messages and pictures.

Ex-husband Peter Andre claims Katie, now married to cage-fighter Alex Reid, had an affair with horseman Andrew while they were still married. The discovery of the phone could prove the veracity of those claims.

A source close to the glamour model said: ‘As soon as Katie found the phone had been lost she went ballistic. People were wondering why she was so worried. There were some risqué text messages on the phone.

‘Kate said she was worried that, no matter how harmless or innocent they may have been, the phone would fall into the wrong hands.’

That’ll teach you to horse around with mobile phones, Katie.

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