Jordan wannabe a strip off the old block

Better set the video if you’re going out, as Jordan wannabe and The Only Way is Essex star Amy Childs is going to strip to her undies on this Sunday’s show for yours and my viewing pleasure.

It’s going to be eyeful towers as Amy, star of ITV2’s real-life soap, strips to just a black bra and panties for the photographer. She’ll also go topless, playfully hiding her modesty with her arm.

But if you thought it were for mere titillation, boy would you be wrong. The 20-year-old beautician is deadly serious about being the next Katie Price, and is full of admiration for her 32-year old hero, saying: ‘Jordan is definitely my idol. Her looks, her career, her businesses - she's fantastic.’

Like Jordan, Amy has taken the surgically-enhanced route in her quest to be a pin-up. But unlike her idol, the Brentwood girl is wary of going too far down that road, saying recently:‘I love her look, although she's lost it a bit. She's had too much work done.’

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