Jonathon Ross had sex with a hoover

Jonathan Ross likes to use ahoover to suck his penis. There, we've said it.

Talking filth in his self-indulgent autobiography Why Do I Say These Things? Wossy revealed the one man fellatio show happened only once, and “hurt like hell.” Paying a romantic compliment to the power of the love machine, he said:

"I reached for the nozzle, turned her on and gingerly inserted myself into the tube. The suction power of a Hoover* is far, far greater than what is called for in this circumstance." Ross' revelation comes just days after a Michigan man was jailed for getting it on with a vacuum-cleaner at the local car wash.

Still, unlike the in-your-face-attention-loving-king-of-Chatmandu to blow his own trumpet.

*other vacuum cleaners are available

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