Johnny Depp’s shower scene with Angelina Jolie leaves Vanessa Paradis steaming

News that a naked shower romp between Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie is to be cut from thriller The Tourist will disppoint fans of the sexy stars.

It comes after Depp’s girlfriend Vanessa Paradis insisted the scene be cut. The French singer is thought to have implored Depp to pull out of the film completely. Though the star carried on with filming, he managed to persuade his Hollywood bosses to cut the scene.

Her fears are understandable, as Angelina Jolie has something of a reputation as a seducer of her co-stars. She met her current husband, 46-year-old Brad Pitt, on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston, 41.

In the film, Johnny, 47, plays an American tourist who has a fling with Jolie, an Interpol agent.

A copy of the script tells how they writhe around naked in the shower.

Angelina is believed to have wanted Johnny to reconsider cutting the sex scene, but in the end he got his way.

A Sony Pictures spokesman said: ‘I have not heard that this scene was cut. I will have to look into it.’

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