Jodie Marsh wants attractive sperm donor

Big busted, shallow model, lots of previous owners. Looking for sperm donor. Must be attractive. No big noses please.

When we revealed last month that Jodie Marsh was considering using a gay friend’s sperm to impregnate her, the phrase ‘can’t have your cake and eat it’ sprang to mind. Well the plasticine model, has now decided she will only consider inseminating herself with the sperm of a good-looking donor. Calling the kettle black, the pot said;

"I'd planned to use my gay best friend, but before my nose job I had a big nose and he has a big nose, so we would have the ugliest baby in the world! We couldn't do that to a child. Now I want to find someone really good-looking instead."

‘Choosers.’ ‘Beggars.’ ‘Can’t’ anyone?

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