Jodie Marsh stays in spotlight by becoming a lesbian

When you're only famous for your tits and really vile dress sense, and the media is already saturated with other girls only famous for their tits and really vile dress sense, you've got to work really hard to stay ahead of the pack.

As such Jodie Marsh has resorted to an effective stay in the spotlight formula - pretending to be a lesbian. The glamour model come reality fodder has told Heat Magazine that she's going out with her hairdresser, a girl. "She's really sexy, I think she's a cool girl. I love the ways she kisses and she doesn't f**k me about. I feel comfortable with her."

Strange isn't it that when every fair weather celesbian really wants to get into character they plump for stock responses 'like soft lips' and 'doesn't fuck me about' to prove that they really are batting for the other team, like all the time and not just doing it for publicity.

What Jodie Marshtrotter really means is:

a) she doesn't mind snogging her hairdresser in public when the cameras are on because at least it doesn't give her stubblerash

b) her ladyfriend is every bit as desperate for attention as Marsh and wouldn't dare look a gift horse in the mouth by 'fu*king her about' (women don't do that sort of thing anyway, it's not in their DNA).

c) she feels 'comfortable' with her girllover because she slaves over Jodie's hair every day thereby making Jodie look more beautiful and the hairdresser look, well, lucky to have her. Nothing cleverer to do with your time girls?

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