J-Lo's no sex sex-tape

So you know the story - J-Lo's ex, Ojana Noa is trying to cash in by flogging anything from his J-Lo past. And it seems he's low enough to try and flog a sex tape of him and the ex-missus at it.

Well in a rare display of Hollywood sobriety, the X-rated skinflick has now been lowered to a PG. J Lo's lawyers say: 'there wasn't anything close to sex in the tape.' (Watched it thoroughly did we?)

Proving that there is a scraping of sanity left in LaLa land, an LA judge upheld a ruling that Ojani Noa is forbidden from using 11-plus hours of home video – 20 percent of which allegedly features Lopez in uncompromising situations – for a mockumentary about his life as a Cuban immigrant, titled How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The JLo and Ojani Noa Story.

Please. Not only do we not need to see J-Lo having sex (we've seen enough of her bum for a lifetime), but a mockumentary about a chancer who met his famous wife, then pulled a fast one on her? No thanks.

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