Jimi Hendrix : sex tape due for release

Vintage sex tapes are showing no signs of getting brewers droop. Jimi Hendrix is the latest brown bread celeb to have been taped getting his bedroom groove on.

Vivid Entertainment, (the same porn company who peddled sex tapes of Pammy Anderson and Kim Kardashian) are set to release a sex tape of Hendrix in action. During the 11 minute segment Jimi, (or someone who looks very like him), performs the legend of the two backed beast and various other sexual acts, with not one but two foxy ladies.

Vivid Entertainment claim to have had the sex tape 'authenticated' by experts - ready to pop it on the market. But not everyone agrees it's Jim. Kathy Etchingham, an ex girlfriend of Hendrix says “He would never have allowed anyone to see that. In private he was very shy and would cover up” (New York Times.)

Hendrix biographer Charles R Cross is unconvinced too. He thinks the nostrils are way off. "This is somebody that looks like Jimi or is pretending to look like him, but it certainly didn't look like a dead-on match to me," (NYT).

So the sex tape plot thickens. Apparently the FBI have got bunkers full of grainy footage of dead celebs up to no good. Whatever next - Bernard Manning? All bets are off!

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