Casting couch contracts

Just when you think you know what being a busty, blonde film-star would have been like in 'Fifties Hollywood' - we're thinking Marilyn Monroe's glamorous affairs with John F Kennedy and Joe DiMaggio - there comes along a tale that tells it how it really was for ladies on the casting couch of recognised American film directors.

A recent biography of similar blonde, busty star Jayne Mansfield, written by friend May Mann reveals that whilst attention from men was certainly never-ending for the star of films 'Promises Promises' and 'Sexbomb', that attention came at the price of one particular unusual and controversial proposal in return for signing to appear in new releases, MenNewsDaily tells us.

The 'actress met with a top Hollywood producer in the mid-1960s. He told her he wanted to make several films with her and launch a major publicity campaign. However, the campaign came with a string attached. He said, 'I only want your full cooperation and just one assurance: that you now have your family – four children, I am told – and there will be no more for many years!' The implication was that abortion was a ready solution to 'unexpected new arrivals' which could potentially ruin Mansfield's career.

What price Hollywood?

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