Jason Manford’s web sex shame

One Show host Jason Manford last night quit the show in tears after admitting he had internet sex with 12 female fans.

The comedian revealed he had cheated on his heavily pregnant wife by having steamy conversations on Twitter and video calls on Skype with 12 women.

He revealed to The Sun that he had spent hours in hotel rooms engaging webcam girls in filthy conversation and more. He said: ‘There were ten or 12 people flirting and then with a few it went over the line.

‘We would start off flirty, then innuendo and then a bit saucy. They were the moments I thought, 'I shouldn't be saying that'.’

Speaking of his shame, Jason said: ‘If I was reading this about someone else, I'd think, 'What an arsehole. How can he look at himself in the mirror?'’

Strangely enough, the online community has rallied in his support. Fiona2608 tweeted: ‘I know Jason Manford is in the wrong, majorly. But he always seemed like such a nice guy. Makes it even more sad really.’

It’s always the ones that seem nice you should watch.

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