Japanese TV star found drunk and naked in Tokyo park

One of Japanese TV's most clean-cut stars was arrested yesterday morning for public indecency after being discovered drunk and naked in a park in the city centre of Tokyo.

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi was found in the park by police, naked and screaming at the top of his voice. "What's wrong with being naked," the 34-year-old presenter shouted at police who had been called to investigate a complaint about noise.

Kusanagi rose to fame 20-years ago as part of the boy band SMAP and has made himself a permanent fixture on Japanese TV as a presenter and actor. SMAP are darlings of the Japanese advertising industry, but Kusanagi's drunken antics could cost the group dearly.

Toyota has already announced that it will pull adverts featuring Kusanagi and even the Japanese Minister for communications Kunio Hatoyama expressed his anger over the incident.

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