Can you imagine a world where sex is virtual, and computers tend to your every need, pre-programmed with your ultimate fantasies and subservient to your every exotic whim? Where porn meets the fourth dimension and includes electronically-simulated senses of taste, touch and smell? If you can, it means that you probably got last got laid around the 1980's, otherwise known as the age of the Amstrad.

One Japanese techno-geek meets would-be lurve god has created his own chrome and metal Sex-enstein in the form of a computer hooked up to a long plastic protrusion that gives you a Frenchie, we found out from Slashdot. Pre-programming can ensure that the Frenchie movement itself comes from another user across the internet:

'In addition to real-time smooching, the Kiss Transmission Device can be programmed to 'remember' specific rotations. The pre-recorded information can then be accessed by multiple recipients. According to the inventor, this could be a good way for celebrities to get closer to their fans.'

Or not, when you realise that you've had enough of bionic Britney Spears' tongue thrusts or cyber Chris Hemsworth's lingering lingua to embark on a mission to get the real thing.

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