She may now be the face (well almost) of anti-wrinkle rejuvenation cream but once upon a time, Jane Fonda had alien men weak in their triple sets of knees, salivating martian saliva as Barbarella, the sexy space vixen of the sixties film of the same name, which saw her cavorting round space and making the most of the thinnest script ever written!

Having said that Jane has recently revealed that she would consider starring in a newly made sequel to the space adventure-meets-sexploitation film but only if the storyline was made in some way feminist, Nerve.com tells us.

'In the past, [she] has expressed some abashment over her starring role in the 1968 erotic sci-fi romp Barbarella, telling CBS, 'For a long time, I couldn't look at it... I thought that it was politically incorrect.'

That it may be, but if someone suggested that a star wear those outfits in our present day and age, they'd think they were on the set of a new Jenna Jameson film...with even less dialogue!

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