It's all about the Prom

The highlight of every senior's year is the Prom, a rite of passage marking the transition from high school to the liberating, and dizzingly heights of college and adulthood. For most, however, it represents more than a chance to shine in a retro-looking vintage tux or piñata-like ball-gown: it's a chance to confirm your identity as an individual.

Two male students at high-schools in Florida and Virginia had their sexuality and gender identities openly accepted in a show of support from fellow students and teachers by being elected Prom Queens, the NY Daily News tells us.

Seventeen year old Andrew Viveros, who attended the McFatter Technical FS in Davie, Florida is a post-operative transexual was over-the-moon when he found out he had been chosen:

'It's a big stepping stone. People can see it's finally OK to be who you are.'

Meanwhile, in the state of Virginia, recent 'out and proud' gay pupil Jake Boyer was also given the same honour, who responded happily by attending the prom dressed as his heroine Lady Gaga.

Dressing all in meat would definitely have been a more inspiring act than dusting off your Dad's old top hat and tails!

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