Maximus Gaius Problematicus

Peering back through the mists of antiquity, free love was all the rage. We don't mean that the glorious technicolour days of the seventies' flower power generation existed long before its time in the darkest recesses of the pre-Christian world but that in the Mediterranean, there was, once upon a time, an era when men loved men as well as women, and women could do the same. As idyllic an images as this may be, such open values brought about the collapse of the Roman Empire, one Italian historian, now under pressure to resign, believes.

The effeminacy of Carthage and such neighbouring states to Ancient Rome encouraged the ruff'n'tuff barbarians from across the world to invade the Eternal City and raze it to the ground, Professor Roberto De Mattei, vice-president of Italy’s Centre for National Research, thinks. As Pinknews informs us, his Catholic beliefs have somewhat coloured his academic judgement as he continues to state that the downfall of powerful empires and the cause of natural disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes are gay people.

'He says that his claims originate from he writings of fifth-century Christian author Salviano di Marsiglia. Professor De Mattei added: 'The invasion of the Barbarians (of Rome] was seen as punishment for this moral transgression. It is well known that effeminate men and homosexuals have no place in the Kingdom of God. Homosexuality was not rife among the Barbarians, and this shows that God’s justice comes throughout history, not at the end of time.''

'A left wing MP, Paola Concia, has written to the country’s education minister, Maria Stella Gelmini, to step in and intervene.'

And who knows, maybe some of those hair-covered, club wielding barbarians were actually the forerunners for our modern-day generation of bears and cubs? It's the unwritten side to history and ancient civilisations, we reckon.

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