Italian actress auctions virginity for a million Euro

Bloody copycats. You spend time coming up with an innovative, groundbreaking idea, like auctioning off your virginity to the highest bidder, only to see it stolen away by some other brazen hussy.

Last week there was the news that an American student and virgin, Natalie Dylan, was planning to auction off her cherry in order to raise money to fund her university studies. Now Italian Big Brother contestant and 'actress' Raffaella Fico has decided to get in on the act.

Seemingly tired of threading the boards in Italian thrash cinema, Miss Fico has put a million Euro price tag on her deflowering. The celebrity virgin says that the money will help her to realise her dreams of buying a house in Rome and going to acting classes.

Anyone questioning the purity of Miss Fico will have to answer to her brother Francesco. He says that his angelic sister has never had a boyfriend, is deeply religious and prays to Padre Pio every night. Ah, so it's not just another case of high class prostitution masquerading as free publicity then, phew!

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