It takes two (gay people) to tango

If you happen to be on a jolly in Buenos Aires, you could do far worse than visit the fourth International Queer Tango Festival, an event taking place in the milongas (dancehalls) of the Argentinian capital that will feature gay couples from around the world.

The event has been given the thumbs up from Argentina’s Ministry of National Culture as an event that has valid cultural interest by (like we need their say so), and many of the big cheeses of the tango world will all be in attendance - Lidia Borda, the Phoenix Singh Dance Company, and the Color Tango Orchestra, among many, many others.

The organisers of the Queer Tango Festival have stressed that the goal of the festival is: ‘to build a more open tango community and to showcase new forms of representation as well as the older ones that are still practised.’

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