'It happens to all men at some point...'

We all wonder about how our partner may rate our performance in the sack: it comes with the British addiction to the X-Factor which sees men and women up and down the country imagining that their partner might issue some Simon Cowell or Louis-styled post-coital advice: 'Less standing on the spot, more feeling and for God sake's, keep smiling.' However, science sexperts claim women are less bothered by poor sex than was previously thought.

According to new scientific evidence, between a third and a half of women report some form of bad performance in the bedroom, Asylum reports. In reality, only 10 percent of this group of females is actually worried.

'One theory as to why so many women will brush off bad sex is because they still value the intimacy of sex, even if the experience itself isn't as pleasurable as they feel it should be.'

Rude Hug Love. It's the way forward.

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