Fancy a quick duck?

At first we thought we were dreaming. Eating a variety of strange cheeses has produced similar effects to seeing a famous and formely-thought classy actress, dressing up in various 'Blue Peter'esque costumes to re-enact the sex life of various animals, great and small. Seriously, sometimes we can't make this stuff up!

Exploring the public's reaction to the proclivities of beast and fowl alike, Rossilini teamed up with Robert Redford's Sundance channel, to create the sequel to 'Green Porno', in which Rossilini depicts the mating rituals of 'bees, barnacles and other creatures', the Guardian details.

'Next week, seven of Rossellini's films go on show at the Natural History Museum, as part of a major exhibition called 'Sexual Nature.' The museum decided to host the films because, amusement value aside, they are scientifically accurate: snails jab each other with painful darts before sex and female ducks have versatile vaginas.'

Some information of a sexual nature we can most definitely live without, thanks very much.

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