Is that a banana in your pocket...

Judges and QCs have heard it all before, especially when it comes to suspects providing an easy explanation for what 'appeared' to be a crime, such as 'I thought it was a toy gun' and 'I was trying to pull him BACK from the edge of the cliff.' But blaming a banana for a potential sex crime...?

This was exactly what Pastor David Morris, 60, from the Carmarthen Evangelical Church in Llanpumsaint did, when accused of trying to make sexual contact with an under-age teenage girl in his congregation. Morris is accused of low-level tickling and fondling of then 12 year old girl before he sat next to her during a English lesson at the church when she felt his 'banana', the Sun Online reports.

'The pastor, at Carmarthen Evangelical Church in west Wales, said he was in the habit of putting a banana in his pocket and it was possible the youngster had accidentally felt it. Prosecutor Geraint Walters QC told the court: 'He said one thing he would do from time to time was to carry a banana in his trouser pocket. 'He said it's possible that is what the girl mistook for his erect penis.'

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