Is it a bird? Superman Silvio hit by fresh call girl claims

The outlook looks more grim by the day for Silvio Berlusconi, as allegations about his private life continue to mount.

This time, the now notorious teenage bellydancer, Karima Kayek, who was given €7,000 and a diamond necklace by Silvio Berlusconi, has revealed that the Italian PM keeps a marble statue of himself as Superman in his Milan mansion.

The teenager denies having sex with the 74-year-old politician, insisting he was ‘more like a father’ despite being invited to his house for a Valentine’s Day bash with several other women.

And if that wasn’t enough, fresh allegations have emerged about the beleaguered PM, with a high-class call girl claiming that he paid her €10,000 for sex.

Nadia Macri, 28, said to prosecutors investigating Berlusconi’s alleged sex and drugs parties, that she slept with the Italian premier twice, and that he’d done the deed with several women in a Jacuzzi.

Most damaging perhaps is the allegation that marijuana was in presence at the parties, having been flown in on the prime minister’s official plane.

So Silvio – I mean, Superman - what are you going to say (or who are you going to attack) to get out of this one?

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