Iron Rod

What a guy that Rod Stewart is. Appearing on ITV1’s Life Stories, the veteran singer of The Faces told presenter Piers Morgan that he’s lost count of the women he’s slept with.

When famous media mogul Morgan asks him his tally, the dad rocker says: ‘No, no, and I’m not proud of that either.’

Rod, 65, is famous for being the voice behind Maggie May, a song about the singer’s very first sexual encounter. He’s obviously come a long way since those times.

Not that he’s in any way cavalier, adding: ‘I was never a guy for one night stands.

‘I enjoyed the courtship and a little bit of romance and the chase - I enjoyed the chase.’

But after breaking so many hearts, he says his break-up with ex-wife Rachel Hunter left him heartbroken.

Just goes to show, what goes around comes around.

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