Church Hym(e)ns

Plastic surgery has its attractions: women can change from having beak-like noses to small, petite snouts or increase the size of their pert backsides to J-Lo/Beyoncé style sandbags, capable of reducing boys chasing 'big mamas' to quivering wrecks. But where is the line between a little modification here and there and trying to erase your past life experiences?

Nowhere to be found, according to some people. But then, in countries like Iran, where women are expected to provide certificates proving their virginity to their prospective in-laws, becoming a virgin again/undertaking hymen re-attachment surgery isn't necessarily a bad thing, Dods and Dross informs us.

'Ayatollah Sadeq Rouhani, a conservative cleric, issued a ruling that that hymenoplasties – the surgical reconstruction of virginity – was lawful in Islam. 'There is no difference between a real and fake hymen,' he reasoned.'

Will men be asking for designer vaginas next?

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