Ariel not so clean

We're a world away from the glamorous lives of US celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Kendra Wilkinson when popstars are actually prosecuted for the unofficial release and distribution of their sex-tapes, which most of the time, these celebrities 'hand-deliver' to the tabloids. Here, in Indonesia, home videos can land you some time in the slammer (something Paris H knows about, perhaps!)

For one Nazril 'Ariel' Irham, of the South Eastern pop group 'Peterpan', his home collection of videos featuring himself with the former face of Lux soap, model Luna Maya and a former tv presenter girlfriend has resulted in his prosecution and imprisonment, the Independent reveals.

'The 29-year-old singer - who said the videos were stolen and posted online without his knowledge - was the first celebrity to be found guilty of violating the country's strict anti-pornography law that went into effect in 2008. Presiding Judge Singgih Budi Prakoso said the star made the videos with two celebrity girlfriends and did nothing to prevent their wide distribution. He sentenced him to three and a half years in jail - well short of the maximum 12, angering hundreds of protesters who gathered outside - and fined him 25,000 US dollars.

Time to move to America where moral corruption and sexual indecency go hand in hand (says the National Enquirer...ahem.)

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