Indians (and Mexicans and Greeks) do it better: official

Forget hot-blooded Brits, randy Russians and Latin lovers – when it comes to sex, Indians are among the leaders in the field according to the Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey by Durex. Denizens of the sub-continent tend to tell their partners what they want, find their love lives stimulating and aren’t adverse to spicing up their bedroom activities with saucy underwear or sex toys, the survey shows. Serious challengers are Mexicans and Greeks who find their love lives even more exciting than their Indian counterparts.

So, now you’ve got your holidays booked, we can get on to the serious stuff. Where are the Brits in all this? Well, not as sexy as the Indians, Greeks or Mexicans, we grant you, but 38 per cent of us find our love lives stimulating compared to only 36 per cent of the French. Isn’t it good to know that, when it comes to the important things, we may not be Top Nation but we’re still better than the French? Two per cent better, to be precise.

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