Roadside sex effect

We're the 'spoon-fed generation': millions upon millions of messages reach our eyes every day, fed into our psyche by the media, advertising companies and big name brands, inundating us with unreal social expectations, considerations about fashions and appearances and, in possible less subtle ways, sex. Defence comes easy to adults: we learn to switch off. But what about children?

It's the conundrum that's been facing many parents in Indianapolis, U.S., with the arrival of billboards promoting the website ' myemptysexlife.com', which depicts couples in various states of domestic distress, having come to the realisation that sex within a marriage supported by God is good whereas a sex-life without a spiritual context is disfunctional and has no real purpose. It's the use of the word sex, however, that seems to be causing the real issue:

'A minor furor has erupted in Indianapolis after a group called The Blended Church placed billboards at five locations throughout the city [...] A sullen looking middle aged couple and a website address? No titties? No sex toys? None of that? There’s more sex than this in most Wal-Mart commercials. Apparently, all it takes to whip the residents of Indianapolis into a frenzy is the word 'sex.''

The sponsor behind the message is 'The Blended Church', an ecclesiastical establishment that espouses (literally) the idea that God is 'pro sex' (so their website believes) and that sex within a marriage devoted to God is purposeful and perfect. For kids yet to understand the concept of marriage, these adverts might just be an encouragement to ask those awkward questions parents would prefer to avoid.

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