Indian prostitutes hooked on cow steroids

In order to appear healthy and full of vitality, it isn't the young studs of India who are becoming beef-cakes by stocking up on steroids but the young female prostitutes of Bangladeshi, who are resorting to using the drug Oradexon to appear more attractive, the Huffington Post reveals.

As most sex workers in India are malnourished and unable to afford proper meals, many become addicted to the cow steroid Oradexon - used to fatten up calves before the slaughter - as a means of appearing more rounded and youthful as the drug plumps up their skin. However, as Oradexon costs less than $1 for 100 tablets, it quickly becomes a grim but cheap alternative to healthy living.

ActionAid, a British charity which aims to defeat poverty worldwide, has set up a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of the drug, which include 'heart disease, obesity, kidney failure, osteoporosis and even heart failure.' Their report revealed that 'Oradexon is used by almost 90 per cent of girls in most brothels in Bangladesh and found the age range of girls who take the drug is 15-35 years'. If only there were more beef-burgers available than cow steroids.

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