Eat your heart out, Hugh!

Though good ol' Hugh Heffner is arguably one of the most envied men on the planet, being 84 years old and marrying his 'n'th bunny girl whilst managing a multi-million dollar magazine empire, one particular Indian man could give him a run for his money...although he might not actually be able to run very far or very fast.

At ninety-four years old, many would assume that Ramjit Raghav's waterworks had packed up for good a long time ago but he's gone on to prove the critics wrong by recently having a son with his fifty-two year old wife, Shankuntala Devi. Their love-life is apparently so good that he has had to put his three-times-a-night regime on hold so that Shankuntala can look after the new arrival, the Metro Online reveals.

'The couple also revealed that once they have settled into parenthood they would like to try for a second child. Mr Raghav, who was a wrestler in his younger days and still works nine hours a day digging fields, is confident he will be around to see his offspring grow up, challenging reporters to come and see him in another ten years.'

Something tells us that we should be stocking up on our smoothies and gym passes if we're going to have a chance in hell of having sex at that age!

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