Incest: a game all the family can play

A few weeks ago, we covered a story about a mum in America who had slept with her son whom she gave up for adoption years before. Now it seems there is a recognised disorder for family members who are seperated in infancy but feel an over-whelming sexual desire upon being reunited. Such is the case with Nick Cameron & Danielle Heaney.

Despite Nick, 31, being brought up in a foster home when he was young, both siblings, who have different fathers but one mum (Karina Cameron), he developed feelings for his sister when they met for the first time in 2006. Danielle, 25, was married at the time but both instantly felt an overwhelming attraction for each other, much to their mother's horror, the Sun Online reports.

After Karina walked in on them having sex, she 'reported them to the police which led to the couple being charged with incest - and she was so appalled she disowned them.' However, they were not sent to prison on the promise that they would never have sex again - a promise which they keep to by spending nights apart and remain a happy couple to this day. We bet there are interesting conversations to be had over the dinner-table in that house.

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