If you’re ‘app-y and you know it

Think you’ve got an STD? Don’t worry. Soon, STD anx-i-e-ty (ha, that almost rhymes) will be a thing of the past. The answer is in the palm of your hands – yes, mobiles.

Scientists at the University of London are developing a device that will instantly diagnose chlamydia and loads of other common infections. Like a pregnancy test, the wee device requires you to wee on it. Then you just plug it into a computer (probably not the Nintendo Wii though).

It’s thought that the £5.7million project, called eSTI², could revolutionise the treatment of sexual health. Project leader Dr Tariq Sadiq, said: 'By making diagnosis easier to access in the community, with immediate results, we aim to reduce infection rates and improve sexual health.

‘Mobile phones have changed the way we live and communicate, and our team of experts firmly believe that they open up a unique avenue for new ways to diagnose and control STDs.’

He envisaged them being available in pharmacies and perhaps even in vending machines.

The required technology is very close to becoming a reality,' the good Dr Sadiq added.

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