If the shoe fits...Holly will wear it for sex

While mere mortals make do with donning a new pair of shoes on a night out, Holly Willoughby likes to 'break them in' via unconventional means: she gets her rocks off in them. Apparently, wearing new shoes whilst on the job makes Holly feel doubly sexy when she dons them in real life. With the amount of snow the UK has seen this year we bet Holly has test driven tons of wellingtons in the sack. Perhaps not the sex kitten look that she was after, but pragmatism girls. Holly's official statement on the subject reads:

'My rule is that whenever I buy a pair of shoes they should always be worn in the bedroom before anywhere else - during the sex act.'

During the sex act? She makes it sound so scientific. Forget wearing shoes in the bedroom Holly, try not talking like a Year 9 PSE teacher...

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