‘I snapped my willy during sex’

A man had his penis snapped into an L-shape during a wild sex session with his girlfriend.

Steven Rankin, 33, was enjoying a steamy romp with 25-year-old Lisa Kendall, a kinky 32st secretary, when she pushed down hard and heard a snapping sound.

Doctors confirmed that Lisa’s bulk had buckled his member – tearing vital ligaments. It will now be permanently curved unless the LA couple can come up with £7,500 to fund corrective surgery.

After the accident, Steve can only manage sex doggie style at an angle, but he insists his love banana is here to stay – and has encouraged Lisa to gain even more weight.

‘I don’t blame Lisa – I love big women – but I don’t let her go on top now!’ he said.

He now has to stand sideways at urinals and is often accused of voyeurism by other men. Recalling the passionate episode, Steve said:

‘Lisa was on top and we were going for it. She started to slip and couldn’t steady herself. She fell off as I was pushing up.

‘I was screaming, it felt like my penis was being ripped off. My penis suddenly went flaccid and started to swell. The pain was unbelievable.’

‘Doctors gave him painkillers and ice,’ recalled Lisa. ‘They recommended surgery but we can’t afford it as we have no medical insurance so Steve’s now stuck with chronic penis curvature unless we can find the money one day.’

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