I really, really want to ride my bicycle

Ever bored on your bike?  Want to spice up your travels? Well, why not visit Merry Saddles for some saucy bicycle accessories (and we’re not talking about flashing lights and hi-vis jackets…)

Why not invest in the The Dirty Rose, with a lovely pink dildo in the saddle? What about a Felicienne La Coquette, with a seat adorned with a butt plug, or the American Dream with…wait for it…a dildo in the saddle!

To be honest, the most imaginative things about these racy racers are the names. Nothing you couldn’t do at home with a dildo and some superglue really. So save some money and do it yourself. Just make sure you wait for it to dry before hopping on – and getting off!

(Image: from striatic's flickr stream)

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