I like big butts and I cannot lie!

This new sexy scientific research is ground-breaking: not only does it confirm that lasses with large asses are less likely to suffer from heart disease or diabetes-related illnesses than their slim-hipped sisters, but it suggests that big booty berthas are even able to scoff their faces and not suffer the same biological set-backs as thin women, the Metro Online reveals.

Dr Michael Jensen from the aptly named 'Mayo Clinic' in Rochester, Minnesota, asked a number of women with both large and small behinds to eat a diet consisting only of the fattiest foods (cream cakes, mars bars etc.) before measuring the amount and size of the body fat cells produced in the upper and lower abdomen.

'Scientists concluded that fat cells around the stomach and heart had grown in size but not in number, while the reverse was true for thigh fat cells - they increased in number but did not get bigger.' The implications? A bigger booty buffer can protect the body with it's different fat producing mechanism.

Best become a feeder and stock up on pizzas and ice-cream for your girlfriend boys, you don't want her to get unhealthy now!

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