I know my rights

A New York college student, Hugh Blackman, wants to sue a Las Vegas Escort agency after the stripper he hired performed a sex act on him.

Blackman paid $155 for the stripper to come to his room, and an extra $120 for a ‘sex act’. But when the stripper left before the agreed 90 minutes were up, Hugh got the hump about his rights as a consumer, and demanded his money back from the agency, Las Vegas Exclusive Personals. When they refused to give him a refund, Hugh decided to get the cops involved.

Which was a big mistake. Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, and the police informed Blackman that he could be arrested. So, shaken by the news, he decided to sue the agency for $1.8 million for taking his money in the first place. The Las Vegas Sun reports:

‘After returning home he filed suit in federal court in New York, charging ‘An escort did an illegal sexual act on me during her paid service to me’ and ‘I almost had gotten arrested.’ Blackman said he now needs medical treatment for a mental condition related to the incident.In the suit, which he filed without an attorney, Blackman said: ‘I would like the court to close the business. I also would like to get my $275 payment back and a $1.8 million verdict for the tragic event that happened.’

Now what could be more reasonable than that?

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