I kissed a girl and I liked it; Brit actresses triumph in lesbian poll

Are you suffering from post-Olympics come-down? For a couple of brief weeks the Brits were back up there, part of the world's elite, taking on all comers and winning handsomely (albeit at sports like yachting and cycling where you need a few thousand pounds worth of gear before you can even turn up).

Well we're back baby. Not at sport, but it brings a tear to the patriotic eye, and a lump to the nationalistic throat to be able to declare that "the British are the world's best at being fancied by lesbians".

Yes it's true. A poll has revealed that six out of the top ten 'women who make other women go bit funny' are from our fair isles. From Rachel Weisz to Kate Winslet, lesbian fantasies have a decidedly British accent.

There's only one course of action. "Being fancied by lesbians" must become an Olympic sport. Come 2012 our girls will be standing proudly on the podium, showered in Sapphic kisses, the Americans and Russians nowhere... More than anything it would give Minnie Driver something to actually do all day.

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