I heart NY Pride

Gay and lesbian New Yorkers had something extra special to celebrate yesterday during their annual gay pride festivities after their city became the sixth US state to recognise the legality and validity of same-sex marriage.

As usual, LGBT Pride celebrations take place in a number of global cities throughout the Summer season - to raise awareness of gay rights, openly petition those in power about legislation and to celebrate the diverse spectrum of the LGBT and transgender community.

However, after much negotiating and soul-searching on the part of those opposing gay marriage legislation, governor Andrew Cuomo - who spearheaded the campaign - was finally able to make true on his promise to the pink community of the Big Apple, Pinknews reveals.

''New York has sent a message to the nation,' Mr Cuomo said before the march began. 'It is time for marriage equality.''

'Some participants dressed up in wedding gowns for the festivities. Parade organisers said half a million people took part.'

'Marriages will begin in 28 days.'

Following the success of the Lady Gaga's speech at the Europride celebrations in Rome not long ago, we wondered if she might appear in 'the city that never sleeps' over the weekend.

With all the wacky wedding dresses on show though, she might have gone by unnoticed...

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