I didn't mean it!

Last night Britain’s favourite pseud Stephen Fry bade a retreat over comments he made about women not enjoying sex.

The TV favourite faced a barrage of criticism this week over the remarks (including some strong words from Sexploits) which included the claim that women don’t enjoy sex and sleep with men because ‘it is the price they are willing to pay for a relationship.’

Yesterday the star backtracked, writing on his blog that his remarks in the gay lifestyle mag Attitude were ‘offensive, ignorant, arrogant… God knows what else.’

The fallout from the remarks led Fry to complain of being portrayed as the ‘antichrist’. He subsequently quit Twitter, where he has amassed 2 million followers, in a huff.

But yesterday he was back on the Twitter scene, directing followers to his website where he explains: ‘I do not believe it as some kind of eternal gender truth, I was simply taking a thought for a walk.’

Last night Fry, who was in LA hosting the BAFTA Britannia Awards, added: ‘ As a gay man, female sexuality is patently a closed book to me.’

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