Husband in sex vid divorce threat

A hedge-fund rich hubby from Manhattan is threatening to circulate footage of romps with his estranged wife – unless she agrees to a cut-price divorce settlement that is.

Papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court contain claims made by Lily Shang, 24, that her estranged hubby David Glenn Rucker has promised to post video on the Internet of their raunchy romps in their Battery Park City apartment unless she complies with his wishes over the divorce.

And the cheeky Rucker plans to edit himself out of the tape or ‘use video that already consists only of plaintiff,’ so the filing states.

Rucker, 26, filed for divorce in October but has ignored Shang’s pleas to either give her ‘certain video of intimate moments of a sexual and private nature’ or destroy them.

Instead, the filing says he ‘has threatened to release video of the plaintiff, especially onto the Internet, if she does not agree to a low financial settlement in divorce proceedings.’

In a 2005 blog posting before her arrival in the city, Canadian Shang wrote: ‘I went to NYC last week and totally love it. I had such a power trip walking down Wall Street. With some luck and hard work, I know I can get there.’

We bet becoming the next Paris Hilton was not on the agenda.

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