Hunky Kirk keeps the girls panting

TV hunk Kirk Norcross is certainly hungry for publicity. As he revealed to gossip magazine Now that he lost his virginity by having a one-night-stand on Valentine’s Day, aged 15, he decided to feast readers’ eyes as well as their imaginations and strip down to his pants.

The 22-year-old star of The Only Way is Essex claims to have slept with about 20 women. Talking about his first time, he said: ‘I was 15. It was cringeworthy! It was a one-night stand round my mate's house on Valentine's Day.’

But, in a move bound to publicise the show even more, he revealed that he only really has eyes for his co-star, the Jordan wannabe Amy Childs, claiming: ‘Amy's my weak spot. I've always said I see myself marrying her but we both just want to enjoy our lives a bit first.

‘We went out three years ago but I wasn't ready to settle down then either, so we agreed to be friends.’

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