A little Monkey business

Those innocent questions that children ask, from 'How does the Sun stay up in the sky?' and 'Why is a sandwich not made with sand?' seem innocent and naive as children explore their imaginations and think about alternative possibilities to life's norms. However, the question 'What animal would you choose to be?' might become more of an adult question with the revelation that human DNA is only a couple of evolutionary leap-inducing drugs away from finding out what it's like to have a monkey's penis.

...and sensory whiskers that no doubt would help us maintain our agility and balance amongst the trees in the jungle, if we were actually monkeys. But we aren't (thankfully), despite recent scientific research that has identified which particular chromosomes humans have that could be affected to bring us that bit closer to our primate cousins, Jezebel reveals.

'After a lot of analysis, they discovered that there are 510 spots on the human genome that look like chimp DNA - except with a few key deletions. And most of these deletions are in areas of 'regulatory DNA,' bits of the genome that can control other bits, often by turning genes on or off. You could say that our genome has deleted the switches that activate chimp-like traits.'

Which could lead to a new form of genetic business in the (not-to-distant/Sci-fi) future, should people ever consider genetic manipulation to grow a horse's penis instead of the human version they have instead. Isaac Asimov, eat your heart out.

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