Hugs lead to office affairs

Many of you might have woken up early today for a Sunday run in the park or a pint or two at your local. For many office workers in the UK however, this weekend might be the start of a tumultuous affair with their boss, all thanks to National 'Hug Your Boss Day', which took place on Friday.

According to a recent survey by Benaughty, this national celebration of potentially artificial good-feeling towards your superior can result in a passionate under-the-radar relationship, the Metro Online reveals.

'19 per cent of men [surveyed] admitted having sex with their female bosses after they had hugged them, 18 per cent of women revealed they'd embarked on a fling with their male boss in the same circumstances.'

We say a friendly pat on the shoulder to celebrate a job well done is adequate enough, but then again, occasionally standing in the dim light of the photocopier, the bosses at Excite can resemble Hollywood A-listers.

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