Hugh Heffner's other girlfriend

Poor old Hugh. Being something of an entrepreneurial role-model, founder of good causes and all round good egg, one can't help thinking that in his old age, he can't quite remember where he left his girlfriends. His solution: keep as many around as possible!

Crystal Harris, 22, is the latest playboy bunny to become Hugh's girlfriend, and joins the team of identical twins Kristina and Karissa, 19 and Hugh. Hugh, possibly the luckiest man alive, calls her a 'good girl' and apart from being well endowed with nature's best gifts (ahem), she is also a psychology student at San Diego State University and a PETA supporter. Maybe she believes those famous bunny tails shouldn't be made of real bunny, bless her.

She has, as yet, to appear in Playboy, although she has appeared topless in photos of Co-ed of the week on Playboy.com in October, using the elaborate alias 'Crystal Carter'. Crystal has also been called upon by Hugh to act as a voice from within the mansion, dishing some of the insider goss and giving us an insight into Hugh’s palace of delights. That’ll save us craning our necks at the window then....

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