How to fund your gap year/first year at University

So you want to help orphans in Africa, go back-packing through Malaysia or simply earn enough money to help out with those tremendous student fees. Here at Excite, we've exchanged war-stories about pre-University jobs many-a-time: broken-down ice-cream vans, Pizza restaurant shifts etc., but funnily enough, no-one managed a stint starring in a porn film.

However, that is exactly what one US would-be student did, by the name of Elizabeth Hawkins, who almost lost her scholarship to study at the Arizona State University, because of her involvement with 'Backdoor Casting Couch' productions, Asylum reveals.

A web clip, 'produced by Backroom Casting Couch and hosted by PornHub, shows Hawkenson flashing her student I.D. for the cameras to prove she was over the age of 18. From there, it was only a matter of Googling Hawkenson's name to find she had been awarded a large scholarship as a New American University Scholar'. What followed was a letter to the University faculty, attempting to discredit Ms. Hawkins.

But since then, we can report, Elizabeth has managed to retain her scholarship and remains a student at the university, studying Geography and the Liberal Arts. Quite.

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