How to be a wizard in the bedroom

With the first installment of the last Harry Potter film on the horizon, fans across the world will know that this film will see the three intrepid wiz-kids as more or less grown-up, and over-flowing with teen hormones. But however much chemistry may have been flying around the set of the 'Deathly Hallows', we're pretty certain that the cast won't have been carrying a certain Swiss-made prophylactic called 'Harry Popper.'

That's right: trade-mark infringements a go-go as the makers of the Harry Potter films, Warner Bros., are set to sue a company called Magic X, claiming that their rubber johnnies, shown on their individual packets as wearing glasses and carrying a wand, 'jeopardises the wholesome image of the boy wizard brand,' Asylum reports.

A lawyer from the film company defended its actions, stating that 'this is clearly a reference to the film and fictional character Harry Potter. Everyone who sees the condoms automatically thinks of Harry Potter.'

Which may or may not be a turn-on, depending on what floats your (Hogwarts-bound) boat.

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