How Rocky gets his rocks off

He once had the eye of the tiger and now it seems Sylvester Stallone has the virility of the ... erm ... bull? The ageing action hero has questioned the need for men around the world to use viagra, stating that all you need is a beautitful woman and some wit. Unless 'you're jet-lagged', he believes, and then, well, a stiff drink might not result in a stiff...you get the picture.

At 64, Sly has been dishing out sex advice and setting the record straight on wrinkly romance, stating that 'I'm a good flirt. I do flirt well,' the Metro Online reveals.

'Not that I'm a great Casanova but I think women love clever banter, not just saying, 'Let's go to my house and get naked.' Maybe later but have a joke around first.'

The joke may be on the Expendables star as despite being able to do the horizontal mamba at 64, his marriage record is somewhat less than impressive, having 'had two sons with Sasha Czack after marrying her aged 28, followed by a short-lived union with actress Brigitte Nielsen' before marrying Flavin.

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