How 'ex'pensive breaking up can be

If the thought of breaking up with your ex leads you to imaginging yourself sitting alone with a glass of red wine, singing 'I can't live (if living is without you)' by Mariah Carey (move over Bridget Jones), that might be because a) you're a woman (although not necessarily) but also because b) you're getting over your ex on the cheap.

A latest survey from borro.com has concluded that for 88% Brits who have dumped or have been dumped, the cost of getting over that lost loved one is anything up to £5k spent on nights-out with friends, holidays or even a new set of wheels, the Metro Online reveals.

Women however, are more shrewd in their emotional distress and are more likely to choose cheaper pick-me-ups such as a make-over, compared to men who opted for an expensive luxury item.

Interestingly enough, 'four out of five men were unwilling to use an item given by their ex to fund a post-breakup spending spree, while 30 per cent of women would happily sell a present from an ex to raise some fast cash.'

Think of the recession, guys, and get that watch down to Cash Converters!

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