How embarrassing!

There are some things you do that are best kept to yourself and one of them would be nipping out to a cheeky transsexual brothel for a little bit of how’s your father. This was probably the intention of a one customer in Basel, Switzerland, only unfortuntately said brothel had a fire and he was forced to find safety on the balcony, naked, in full view of everyone. To top it off, it was cold.

According to Ananova, the man, only known as Memeth J (come on, we’ve seen a photo of him naked) only managed to escape from the balcony after firefighters rescued from him above a sea of baying TV cameras. Despite the predicament Mr J still had the balls to poke a little fun at himself saying: ‘I just hope people can't tell who I am from my bottom.’

We've all been there. Er, haven't we?

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